Mobile Commerce

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO & founder of, “If you look five to ten years out, almost all e-Commerce will be on wireless devices. Retail giants Amazon, Target, Sears, and Walmart and fashion houses Chloe’, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior all went mobile this year, proving that mobile commerce is here to stay. Retailers like GameStop are using mobile coupons to drive consumers in store.

Mobile Phone which is also called “Third Screen” are turning into mobile shops for businesses where customer can shop “Any where and Any time”. SI assists you to implement “Any where and Any time M-Commerce/E-Commerce” strategy for your business. Mobile channel is more personal than any other and it creates a perfect impulse purchase opportunity. There’s no doubt that well thought out mobile commerce sites and services will strengthen the bonds between brands and consumers.

One of the key enabling technologies of m-Commerce is WAP – Wireless Application Protocol. With WAP, mobile phones have become the universal interface to information and services.

The launch of the iPhone 3G, Blackberry Storm, and the G1 Android-enabled phone proved that this industry is capable of getting over the small screen challenge.

SI provides services in the following m-Commerce domains:

  • M-Commerce Application – a complete buying experience using Mobile
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
    • M-Cart application implementation
    • M-Cart WAP implementation
  • Loyalty programs
  • E-Commerce integration with M-Commerce
  • Mobile Search Engine Optimization
  • Location based Search & SMS campaigns
  • Mobile Coupons
  • News Alerts to Opt-in customers

Depending on your customer base, SI can assist you to either develop an m-Commerce application or a WAP based m-Commerce experience. Both application and WAP have their own pros and cons. We can assist you to gauge your own target market and accordingly build an offer that generates new sales and serve customers better then before.


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